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Adding From and Bcc in Outlook 2013

This week I am going through the steps you need to follow to enable the send ‘From’ and ‘Bcc’ option when you send an email. The ‘From’ option is generally when you have permission to send on behalf of someone, the ‘Bcc’ option is for blind copying someone into an email. How to enable and […]


How to Bring Back the To-Do List

Microsoft Outlook 2007 came with a sidebar that allowed you to view your calendar and the emails you had set as tasks. Outlook 2010 added the To-Do list, making it easier to view current tasks and update the calendar but in the 2013 version this feature had disappeared again. If you found the ‘To-Do’ feature particularly […]


Google Now vs Cortana vs Siri

Virtual Assistants and Artificial Intelligence are two phrases that are all over the news. Most of you will have seen the adverts for Google, Microsoft and Apple’s take on these, but how do they really compare? Voice Recognition Both Google Now and Cortana have the ability to listen to a question and fix any ‘misunderstood’ […]

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