Adding From and Bcc in Outlook 2013

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This week I am going through the steps you need to follow to enable the send ‘From’ and ‘Bcc’ option when you send an email. The ‘From’ option is generally when you have permission to send on behalf of someone, the ‘Bcc’ option is for blind copying someone into an email.

How to enable and disable this feature

  • Open a new email in Outlook 2013
  • When the New message window appears select the ‘Options’ tab
  • In the toolbar below the Tab button you will notice that you have the ‘Bcc’ and ‘From’ options
  • Select the option you need and close the new message
  • Every time you open up an email from now on you will have the option you have selected available to you
  • To remove the option you can simply follow the above instructions and de-select