How to Bring Back the To-Do List

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 came with a sidebar that allowed you to view your calendar and the emails you had set as tasks. Outlook 2010 added the To-Do list, making it easier to view current tasks and update the calendar but in the 2013 version this feature had disappeared again.

If you found the ‘To-Do’ feature particularly useful, you can easily make the calendar and tasks appear on the screen.

What you need to do

The fact of the matter is that Microsoft has moved and disabled this feature by default. Rather than having an arrow on the right hand side to pull out the list, it is now located in the “View” tab on the ribbon at the top of Outlook 2013.

In the “View” tab, towards the right hand side, you will find a button that will give you a drop down menu. You can customise your To-Do list with “Tasks”, “People” and “Calendar”, this will make the To-Do list appear on the right hand side with your selections.

With this side bar you can easily see what appointments are coming up and what tasks you have set yourself for that day.

As always, if you have any questions please contact your IT Support department.